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micro flower…
Micro Flowers... Yes, I use an ordinary polyester ...
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Best Friends
Best Friends These little friends are based on ...
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Crocheted Rocket
Crocheted rocket Abbreviation (US terms): ch=chain st=stitch ss=slip ...
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A Chicken Is Born…
A Chicken Is Born... big: 1.75mm hook and size ...
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A Dog Is Born …
A Dog Is Born ... an ordinary polyester ...
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Chocolate creme egg cozy
It's this time of the year! I am ...
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Vegetables. Part 2
Crocheted Vegetables (corn and pumpkins) US crochet terms ...
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Vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and carrots)
Crocheted Vegetables (cucumbers, tomatoes, eggplants and carrots) US ...
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Crocheted daisies
Crocheted daisies US crochet terms ch=chain, ss=slip stitch, ...
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Crocheted pistachios
Pistachios size 8 cotton thread (100g approx. 800m) ...
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Micro mouse
Yes, an ordinary polyester sewing thread and 0.4mm ...
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A Fish for a Penguin
Here they are. My tiny penguins. I enjoyed ...
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Crocheted boy
Yay! A gorgeous school boy. My finally finished first creation ...
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My Little Cow
any wool/yarn/thread with appropriate hook can be used, ...
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8 Responses to Welcome to my blog

  1. Christine Booth says:

    I absolutely love your work and the fact you publish free patterns is so generous of you. Your a great inspiration to try new items to crochet, thankyou very much and please keep sharing 💐

  2. Mandy Wood says:

    I love your work,I make traditional miniature bear using mohair fabric,I wondered if you ever made patterns for clothes,I would love to make tiny clothes,my bears start around 1 1/2 inches,do you think I could make something to fit tiny bears,would love you opinion
    Thanks mandy

    • Uljana says:

      thank you very much
      clothes patterns… not yet
      you may wish to use an ordinary sewing thread for their crocheted clothes

  3. Carolina Valenzuela says:

    Hi, my name is Carolina, and I want to take the time to say Thank You soo much for share your gorgeous work, and ask you if between your fantastic friends are also a baby panda? I would like to make one for my granddaughter, I will appreciate your response.Thank you in advance. Sincerely Carolina.

  4. Vickie says:

    I just found your blog and would like to say your work is amazing. Thank you for your free patterns. I know how much hard work goes into it all.

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