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Best Friends

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Best Friends These little friends are based on one pattern (MyLittleCow)

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A Chicken Is Born…

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A Chicken Is Born… big: 1.75mm hook and size 3 crochet cotton thread little: 0.4mm hook and an ordinary polyester sewing thread Abbreviations: (US crochet terms)  ch=chain  st/sts=stitch/stitches ss=slip stitch sc=single crochet 2sc=inc=increase (2 single crochets in the same st) dec=invisible … Continue reading

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A Dog Is Born …

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A Dog Is Born … an ordinary polyester sewing thread and 0.4mm hook is used in this pattern (you may wish to use any wool/yarn/thread/hook) Abbreviations (US terms): ch=chain, ss=slip stitch, sc=single crochet, dc=double crochet, 2sc=inc=increase (2sc in the same st), dec=decrease Head: … Continue reading

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A Fish for a Penguin

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Here they are. My tiny penguins. I enjoyed making them, especially the tiniest one. Both are made using the same pattern but different threads and hooks.  I used size 8 cotton thread/0.75mm hook to make the ‘big’ penguin and an ordinary sewing thread/0.4mm … Continue reading

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My Little Cow

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any wool/yarn/thread with appropriate hook can be used, the final size will vary tiny cow: an ordinary sewing thread and 0.4mm hook little cow: size 5 cotton thread and 0.75mm hook big cow: acrylic DK yarn and 3mm hook Head: with … Continue reading

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