Owl Pencil Holder

Aïn Fakroun These crocheted pencil holders are easy and fun to make.

  • first, I need a container
  • then, I crochet a flat circle as big as a base of my container
  • after that I continue without any increases/decreases until the desired height
  • finally, I sew my little owls onto my crocheted cover

chica busco chico los olivos here are the instructions: pencil holder and owls

http://anabarranco.com/88512-poxet-60-buy-online.html IMG_1585IMG_1586IMG_1523IMG_1588

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One Response to Owl Pencil Holder

  1. Margaret says:

    try this web-site Great idea to make the potholder special with the owls. They Pencil holders look amazing. Thanks for sharing this idea and the patterns.

    Have a great day, Margaret

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