Crocheted Pencil Holder



I made these colourful crocheted pencil holders for my children. Now, all their pens and pencils will be organised (hopefully).

To start with, I got a container (an empty yoghurt pot/coffee tin) and chose yarn/hook (I used size 3 cotton thread and 1.75mm hook).  Then, I crocheted a flat circle  as wide as the diameter of my container (1st. round – 6sc into magic ring, 2nd round – 2sc in each st around (12), 3rd round – *sc, inc* x6 (18)  and so on, adding 6 sts to each round until needed size).  After that, I continued making the rounds without any increases to match the height of my container.

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5 Responses to Crocheted Pencil Holder

  1. Gaby says:

    Hello. Lovely idea. I’ve had a go but how do you finish off the top? Do you do a decrease row to keep it snug?

  2. GraceSky says:

    Really great idea. The container to be take out after crochet till decided height right? Thx for sharing!

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