imageUS crochet terms ch=chain, ss=slip stitch, st=stitch, sc=single crochet, 2sc=inc=increase, dc=double crochet Daffodil (0.75mm hook, size 8 crochet thread): with yellow, make a magic ring, work in rounds, close off each round with ss 1. 6sc into magic ring, join with ss (6) Change colour (white), leaving a tail of yellow thread approx. 25-30cm 2. (back loop only) ch1, 2sc in each st around, join with ss (12) 3. *ch2, 2dc, ch2, ss into 2nd from hook, 2dc in next st, ch2, ss in the same st and ss in next st* 6 times, join with ss Fasten off, weave in loose ends Corona: bring yellow thread to right side, work in front loops of 1st round: *sc, ch2* 6 times, join with ss Stem: with green, make a magic ring, work in continuous spiral 1. 5sc into magic ring (5) 2. sc in each st around (5) 3.-?? repeat round 2. until desired length (approx. 20 rounds) Fasten off, leaving a tail for sewing
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