Santa in the chimney

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it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… yes, I’ve started making Christmas decoration already 🙂

love this little crocheted Santa. How does he go down the chimney? head down? or feet down?

a pattern is available

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6 Responses to Santa in the chimney

  1. valerie says:

    hello, I’m french.

    I’d like your work.
    I love looking this.
    this new adress for this pattern.

    think you.

  2. Michele de Paula silva says:

    Mandar gráfico de papai Noel crochê

  3. Widya virgo says:

    Hi.. i work on this pattern, but i get stucked in making the moustache. I follow the instruction but the result different with the picture.. thanks for helping

  4. Valerie white says:

    I tried to get the pattern of the Father Christmas but it says that it can’t find the server – I tried the other ones and I can get them – so please can you help me – I’m also interested in the snowman
    Thanking you Valerie x

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