Crocheted boy

16142355_1345098442199714_3419654959088916465_nYay! A gorgeous school boy. My finally finished first creation in 2016! It was a slow start for me.

I’ve used my ”Angels, Elves and Witches”  pattern to make him. All I needed to do is alter the colour of my thread and add various accessories (a bag with the pencils).

I’ve used my favourite at the moment size 8 cotton thread and 0.75mm hook. The doll is only 9cm (3.5”) tall.

I really enjoy making these little figurines.

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  1. rouditch M -Martine says:

    je vous félicite, ce que vous faites est magnifique, un peu trop mini pour moi. mais je suis admirative de votre travail.

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