IMG_8890US crochet terms
ch=chain, ss=slip stitch, st=stitch, sc=single crochet, 2sc=inc=increase
THISTLES (0.75mm hook, size 8 crochet thread):
with green, make a magic ring, work in continuous spiral
1. 6sc into magic ring (6)
2. 2sc in each st around (12)
3. *sc, inc* repeat around (18)
4. sc in each st around (18)
IMG_88885. sc in each st around (18)
6. sc in each st around (18)
7. sc in each st around (18)
8. *dec, sc in each of next 4sts* repeat around (15)
9. sc in each st around (15)
10. *ss, ch2, ss in second ch from hook, ss in next st* repeat around
Fasten off, weave in loose ends
Please, check the pictures for next steps

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  1. Pamela Cain says:

    They are awesome. Need these for Barbie’s up and

    coming wedding with my grand-daughter she will love it.

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