image image image image image   Crocheted alphabet you will need DMC Petra 5 with 1.0mm hook, pipe cleaners, a tapestry needle and scissors. each section starts with a magic ring 6sc into magic ring, then sc in each st around, make as many rounds as needed, fasten off, insert a pipe cleaner ย  and close the openning, shape the letter ๐Ÿ™‚ For example: For 'A' ย there are 26 rounds of 6 and 4 rounds of 5 for 'B' there are 37 rounds of 6 'C' 6x24 (24 rounds of 6sc in each round) 'D' 6x30 'E' 6x23 plus 5x4 'M' 6x37 , 'N' 6x33 , 'P' 6x26
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6 Responses to Alphabet

  1. jane e CAMPBELL says:

    Hello again.
    Please could you let me know where I can buy the same buttons that you use?
    Many thanks and kindest regards

  2. Yvonne says:

    Thanks for your assistance on letters of the alphabet. Your work is awesome/

  3. lynn says:

    These are awesome! You know I am going to have to try these :)the letters

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